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Be my guest: I Seen Your Voice

Upload Date: 1/7/2010 Guest Image by Cheong Lai

It is my pleasure to present to you a series of photographs by various other photographers, I’ll call it “be my guest.”  Photography is such an infinitely expressive medium and it is amazing how different people use it differently to express themselves.  Over a decade of making photos and taking voyeur pleasure in looking at others’ work and I am still surprise how fresh this hobby of mine still is.  Here I present you our first “be my guest” image by Cheong Lai, another photograher of many in Hong Kong.

Cheong Lai’s photograph description:

Photo label: I Seen Your Voice

I am happy to meet you (Eric) in this a small way and I am glad that I can share my works with you and HK Camera Life’s audience.  This is a project I started during my life at school and I call it my Self-Shooting Project.  This and other personal projects of mine are an escape from the art projects dictated my others in my workplace, where I am hired to prepare an image, I understand the instructions but I have no passion in doing other’s visions.  So I started projects like this one for my own satisfaction.  To express myself, my thoughts with no limitations.

For me expression is important, I can directly express myself through speech or through writing, but I want most to express through images.  To express my emotions, my thoughts and my loved ones.  And through images I speak louder then any words and through them I deliver my message to others.  For me being a subject in my own images is important, because the images are “me, myself, my soul”, no one can understand me and express my thoughts or emotion better than me.

So, today I pick this image I call “I seen your voice”

It’s time to express a relationship between others and me, We’ve known each other for a long time.  Even though we are not together nor can we speak to each other.  I can see the thoughts she is thinking inside.  I know her and she won’t change.  It is something I feel in my heart, it is this feeling that I express in an image and the image also makes a mark in my memories.

I hope you (Eric) and everyone can enjoy it!